Fivestar Diamond

FIVE STAR DIAMOND L.L.C. (Master of GIA & HRD Certified Diamond) – app makes the Business to Business buying of certified (GIA & HRD) diamonds easier than ever. The app provides all functionality of our website is

In, specific search put specification of your desired diamond in a single page and get your diamond from our vast inventory of quality diamonds. With multiple diamond comparison and some more functions that will help you to save your time while purchasing diamond.

APP Features :

1. Search Stone Id & Certificated Id
2. Dubai Stock Search Filter
3. Worldwide Stock Search Filter
5. Add to cart
6. OnHold
7. Offer Stone
8. Confirm Stone
9. Whastapp Share
10. Export to E-Mail
11. Export to PDF
12. Export to Excel
13. Download Dubai Stock File
14. Download Worldwide Stock File
15. Send Requirement
16. Diamond Review
17. Book Appointment
18. Call Back

The app is beautifully designed and meticulously engineered to provide you the best Business to Business diamond buying experience.

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